BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124X)

For Extended Parking Mode

Fast-Charging. Long-lasting. Expandable.

Power your dashcam in Parking Mode for longer.
Protect your vehicle’s battery.
Double your capacity with the optional Expansion Battery.

Free Bluetooth app to visualize battery status.
Full aluminum casing for optimal heat dissipation.

High-Capacity Battery for Dashcam Parking Mode

Fast-Charging. Long-Lasting. Connected.

Power Magic Ultra Battery recharges with ignition on and powers your dashcam when ignition is off.

Fast-Charging: the Power Magic Ultra Battery reaches a full charge in a record 40 minutes when hardwired (80 minutes if connected to the cigarette lighter socket).

Long-lasting: Parking Mode can last more than 24 hours with a single-channel BlackVue.

Connected: compatible with the free BlackVue Battery Manager app.

Simple or Hardwired Installation

For Plug-and-play or professional installation

The Power Magic Ultra Battery supports two charging modes.

Simple installation:

  • Just plug the battery into the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle.
  • Charging current: 5A – Charging time: approx. 80 minutes.

Hardwired installation:

  • For fastest charging speed, connect the battery to the fuse panel.
  • Charging current: 9A – Charging time: approx. 40 minutes.

12V/24V Compatibility, USB Power Output

Use in any vehicle. Charge your accessories.

12V/24V compatibility: the Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124X) supports both 12V and 24V electrical systems. This means it is compatible with most individual and commercial or heavy-duty vehicles on the market.

5V USB (2A max): with its USB power output, you can charge any accessory, such as a phone or a Wi-Fi hotspot to keep your Cloud dashcam connected while in Parking Mode.

Battery Manager App Support

Check detailed battery information from your phone

Power Magic Ultra Battery supports Bluetooth for compatibility with the free dedicated BlackVue Battery Manager app (iOS/Android).

When charging, the app displays charge percentage, charging voltage and expected remaining time until full charge.

When ignition is off, the app informs you of the expected Parking Mode remaining time until depletion, based on the dashcam’s power consumption.

Expansion Battery for Double Capacity

Connect one or more Expansion Batteries

Expansion Battery port: you can connect an Expansion Battery to the Power Magic Ultra Battery to more than double your capacity and Parking Mode time.

The Expansion Battery (B-124E) can store up to 6600mAh of power, so 10% more power than the Ultra Battery.

Multiple Expansion Battery units can be connected in sequence to provide even larger capacity.

Power your BlackVue in Parking Mode

Power solutions for BlackVue with Power Magic Ultra Battery you get amazing autonomy in Parking Mode, without ever drawing power from your car’s battery.

BlackVue dashcams automatically switch to Parking Mode to monitor your parked vehicle, but only writes to the memory card when something happens (motion or impact detected), which has two benefits:

  • Less chance for important files to be overwritten during long Parking Mode sessions.
  • Extended memory card lifespan in the long run.

What’s Included

Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124)

  • Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124X)
  • Cigarette lighter plug power cable (male)
  • Output cable for dashcam (Female cigarette lighter socket)
  • Hardwiring power cable
  • Fuse tap kit (3 types)
  • 2 velcro strips
  • User Manual

Power Magic Expansion Battery (B-124E)

  • Power Magic Expansion Battery (B-124E)
  • Connector Cable
  • 2 velcro strips
  • User Manual